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Emergency Medical Services Pioneer

In 1998, the realization of the growing burden of staffing shortages for many volunteer ambulance services was too hard to ignore any longer. As a result Vintech was formed and has been recognized by the State of Connecticut as the first and largest E.M.S. Management Service Provider in the state. In just the few years we have been in business, Vintech has grown to support 15 towns, serving a population of over 122,000 residents.

  • Employs over 175 Connecticut certified EMTs and licensed Paramedics
  • Registered both federally and with the State of Connecticut
  • Have our own Workers Compensation insurance and Medical Malpractice Insurance

Nationally accepted standards recommend that response times for 90% of all emergency services requests be addressed in 8 minutes or less. The goal is to exceed this standard. This is unachievable if community services are unavailable due to the myriad of issues plaguing our communities. Vintech is dedicated to assisting local volunteer ambulance organizations by providing quality solutions and highly skilled professionals to supplement and meet unique staffing and operations needs.

Vintech's solutions help our customers focus on one thought...

Patient care is the highest priority.

How can we help you?


Are Your Citizens At Risk?

With the number of requirements on EMS personnel increasing and families needing dual incomes the pool of available volunteers has decreased to a very dangerous level. These scenarios are forcing many volunteer services to make some difficult decisions.

  • Do you employ the "scramble" method of hoping someone is around and will answer the call?
  • Do you rely on the neighboring town, hoping they have enough personnel to respond to assist your citizens during an emergency?
  • Do you utilize a commercial service to respond hoping that they are available?
  • Do you hope that the level of service provided to the community has not been decreased?

All of these, along with other temporary "solutions" place your service and your community at risk for failing to provide service to its citizens during medical emergencies.

At Vintech we are dedicated to providing you with a unique solution that fits your needs. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions guaranteeing efficiency, reliability and credibility for your town. Our goal is to supplement existing systems and keep your local volunteer service alive.

or first-hand accounts of how Vintech has successfully helped organizations just like yours, take a look at some of our success stories.


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